PH 510 -- Oregon AAPT Summer Physics Cohort Webpage

Course Syllabus: syllabus_summer_cohort.pdf


course name is “special studies physics”

Instructors and contact Information:

  • Dedra Demaree,, 541-737-1713 office, 541-207-4401 summer cell
  • Gregory Mulder,, 541-917-4744 office, 541-908-4025 summer cell

No pre-conference reading was assigned, but the pre-tango reading can be found here:

General schedule (detailed schedule is in syllabus):

  • Friday, July 16: 12:30-3pm, Registration in SMU 236. Optional Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication tour from 3:00-4:00 departing from SMU 236 at 3pm. 4:00-5:30 pm, first-day activities in SMU 236, 5:30 discussion, 6:30-8:30pm dinner and keynote speaker in SMU 236.
  • Saturday, July 17: 7:30am-5pm workshops, 5:30-6:30 discussion in SMU 236, 6:30-8:00 pm dinner in SMU 236, 8:00-9:00 “Physics of Tango” activity including demonstration, lesson, and discussion of involved physics. 9:00-10:00 social dancing to put your tango to action NOT IN THE INITIALLY POSTED ROOMS - WE ARE IN SMU 296…
  • Here is a video of Liz during an argentine tango performance:
  • Sunday, July 18: 7:30am-5pm workshops, 5:30-6:30 discussion in SMU 236, 6:30-8:30pm dinner and keynote speaker at the “House of Louie” on 4th and Davis.

Lesson plans:

  • Lesson plans are a required part of the 3-4 credit version of the course
  • A lesson plan should include (at minimum): who the lesson is aimed for, what you are going to do and why, key concepts, key skills, benchmarks, required materials and setup, procedure including timing, outcomes, assessment plan and resources.
  • A rough sample lesson plan template can be downloaded here: lessonplantemplate.doc
  • A useful resource page on lesson plans:

Friday activities: Friday Activities

Day One Discussions: Day 1 Discussions

Day Two Discussions: Day 2 Discussions

Suggestions for workshops/presentations for future ORAAPT workshops:

  • Ron Thornton
  • Eugenia Etkina
  • U of Washington group
  • Phet simulation person from Colorado
  • Astronomy break (planets that can support life, solar activity, Hubble…), Ed Prather for teaching astronomy
  • Stephanie Chasteen
  • Current research (i.e., plasma physics person)

Cohort Members and their profiles:

  • Gregory Mulder, Ph XXX course instructor, Linn Benton Community College
  • Dedra Demaree, Ph XXX course instructor, Oregon State University
  • Steve Frankel, ORAAPT: Steve Frankel
  • Karen Hunter, ORAAPT, Cohort Participant: Karen Hunter
  • Pat Keefe, ORAAPT
  • Erik Bodegom, ORAAPT
  • John Doe, Cohort Participant, XXX School, Profile page: John Doe
  • Sharlene Barnum, Participant, Sheldon High School: Sharlene Barnum
  • Linda Botts, Participant, Joseph High School: Linda Botts
  • Emmely Briley, Participant, Molalla High School: Emmely Briley
  • Paul Bunson, Participant, Lane Community College: Paul Bunson
  • Michael Butcher, Participant, Hood River Valley High School: Michael Butcher
  • Dan Calkins, Participant, Jesuit High School: Dan Calkins
  • Rebecca Chitkowski, Participant, Gladstone High School: Rebecca Chitkowski
  • Lynne Claflin, Participant, Armadillo Technical Institute: Lynne Claflin
  • Jennie Cournia, Participant, Jesuit High School: Jennie Cournia
  • Ron Crawford, Participant, Bend Senior High: Ron Crawford
  • James Dickinson, Participant, Clackamas Community College: James Dickinson
  • Bruce Emerson, Participant, Central Oregon Community College: Bruce Emerson
  • David Flugum, Participant, Dallas High School: David Flugum
  • Jeff Freeman, Participant, McNary High School: Jeff Freeman
  • Dennis Gilbert, Participant, Lane Community College: Dennis Gilbert
  • Ann Haak, Participant, Burns High School: Ann Haak
  • Randy Harper, Participant, Elkton Charter School: Randy Harper
  • Bradford Hill, Participant, Southridge High School: Bradford Hill
  • Rick Holmes, Participant, Tigard High School: Rick Holmes
  • Mike Horowitz, Participant, Churchill High School: Mike Horowitz
  • Erik Jensen, Participant, Chemeketa Community College: Erik Jensen
  • Lee Jones, Participant, Dallas High School: Lee Jones
  • Kate Kennedy, Participant, Ashland High School: Kate Kennedy
  • Toni King, Participant, Linn-Benton Community College: Toni King
  • Robert Kykyneshi, Participant, Linn-Benton Community College: Robert Kykyneshi
  • Brian Little, Participant, North Valley High School: Brian Little
  • Tim McCreary, Participant, Hermiston High School: Tim McCreary
  • Doug Neill, Participant, North Eugene High School: Doug Neill
  • Jason Palmer, Participant, Heppner Jr/Sr High School: Jason Palmer
  • Kevin Petersen, Participant, Portland Adventist Academy: Kevin Petersen
  • Brad Pinkstaff, Participant, Rainier Jr/Sr High School: Brad Pinkstaff
  • Ahmad Rajabzadeh, Participant, Linn-Benton Community College: Amad Rajabzadeh
  • Stephen Scannell, Participant, Gresham High School: Stephen Scannell
  • Annika Schmid, Participant, Imbler High School: Annika Schmid
  • Philip Schmitz, Participant, Blue Mt. Community College: Philip Schmitz
  • Evelyn Shearer, Participant, Southridge High School: Evelyn Shearer
  • Joseph Shields, Participant, Just Graduated: Joseph Shields
  • Sonna Smith, Participant, Grant Union High School: Sonna Smith
  • Matthew Sniffen, Participant, North Medford High School: Matthew Sniffen
  • Jared Stenson, Participant, Lane Community College: Jared Stenson
  • Sadie Thorin, Participant, Crow High School: Sadie Thorin
  • Joann Wadkins, Participant, Lincoln High School: Joann Wadkins
  • Dan Wells, Participant, McMinnville High School: Dan Wells
  • Greg White, Participant, Linn-Benton Community College: Greg White
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