VPython Universal Gravitation Example earthandmoon.doc

ORAAPT Resource Room

This space is reserved for Oregon Physics Teachers who would like to share their classroom activities, projects, exams or other items. If you would like to have something included here, please e-mail the Oregon AAPT secretary (contact information can be found on the officer page).

energy: National and Global Energy Budgets by Pat Keefe-Clatsop Community College and Gregory Mulder-Linn-Benton Community College (new page will be located at http://sites.google.com/site/aaptenergybudget/)

Bridging the Vector Calculus Gap: Tevian Dray-Math Corinne Manogue-Physics Oregon State University

Vernier Software and Technology: Our home-grown Beaverton company that makes science hands-on for all.

The University of Oregon Physics Demo Room: Lots of good ideas are contained in here.

VPython Lab Addinsvpythonaddinsthrulab6.doc

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