Past, Present and Future Meetings of the Oregon American Association of Physics Teachers
Meetings take place every 2nd Saturday of March and 3rd Saturday of October (except when circumstances dictate otherwise)

Next Meeting:

March 11, 2017 at 8:30am at OSU, Corvallis, OR, Weniger Hall, Room 212, Corvallis 97331 (Parking from Monroe Ave.)

Details coming soon!

Highlights may include:

         MacKenzie Lenz (OSU): Faculty expectations of dimensional analysis 
         Michael Vignal (OSU) – Teaching Legendre transformations with the partial derivatives machine 
         Ahmad Rajabzadeh (LCC):  Maxwell’s Demon 
         Scott Lacey (WVCI):  Cancer physics 
         KC Walsh (OSU):  Update from AAPT Winter Meeting  
         Elizabeth Gire (OSU):  Techniques of Theoretical Mechanics: A New Course at OSU 
         Paul J. Emigh (OSU):  Teaching Physics in the Context of Contemporary Societal Challenges 
         Richard Wagner (UO/LCC): New 100 level physics at UO 
         Discussion groups: Adapting to new courses at OSU, UO? Reading Textbooks? Lab Skills? 
         Workshop I:   “Throwing out the Lab Manual” - Lisa Taylor (Oregon Tech)  
         Robert Close (Clark): Comparing Classical and Quantum Spin Angular Momentum   
         Workshop II: 3D surfaces to investigate potential fields - Elizabeth Gire (OSU) 


See link below for tentative schedule.

Directions: The meeting will primarily be in Strain Hall, except the workshops will be in Price Hall. (Look for signs when you get there.) Parking in Lot D, next to Strain Hall. (Warning: Parking may be unpredictable due to Homecoming Weekend.)

Campus map:

To get there from the South: Take I-5 to Rt. 217 to Rt. 26 West to Rt. 6 West (Banks/Tillamook) to Rt 47 South. Right on Sunset, left on University, right on Cedar. From the north: Same, but pick up Rt. 26 off 405. (Or use Waze or Google or …)

Future Meetings:

Past Meetings:

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Spring 2017: Saturday, March 11 - Oregon State University agenda
Fall 2016: Saturday, Oct 15 - Pacific University, agenda
Spring 2016: Saturday, March 15 - Linn Benton Community College, agenda
Fall 2015: Saturday, October 18 - Vernier, agenda
Spring 2015: Saturday, March 7 along with show on March 6 at University of Oregon. agenda
Fall 2014: Saturday, October 18 - University of Portland, agenda
Spring 2014: Saturday, March 8 - Lane Community College, agenda
Fall 2013: Saturday, October 19 - Oregon Tech Wilsonville (Host: Lisa Taylor), agenda
Spring 2013: Saturday, March 9 - Lane Community College, Agenda, Business Meeting
Fall 2012, Saturday, October 20 - Wilsonville High School , Agenda,Business Meeting
Spring 2012, Saturday March 10 - Oregon State University, Agenda, Business Meeting
Fall 2011, Saturday October 15 - Pacific University, Agenda, Business Meeting
Spring 2011, Saturday March 12 - Linn Benton Community College, Agenda, Business Meeting
Fall 2010 Saturday October 16 - Lane Community College, Eugene Agenda, Business Meeting
Summer 2010 National Meeting July 2010 – Portland, Oregon National AAPT meeting
Spring 2010 Saturday March 13 – Portland State University Agenda, Business meeting
Fall 2009 Saturday October 17 - University of Oregon. Meeting Notes
Spring 2009 Saturday March 14 – Oregon State University Agenda
Fall 2008 Saturday October 18 - Trillium Charter School, Portland Agenda
Spring 2008 Saturday March 8 - North Eugene High School with Public Demo Show Agenda
Fall 2007 Friday/Saturday 19.-20.Oct Saturday Gresham High School (w/ Friday Workshop by Vernier) Agenda
Spring 2007 Friday/Saturday 9.-10.March Lane Community College Agenda
Fall 2006 Saturday 21.October.2006 Benson High School Agenda
Spring 2006 Saturday 11.March.2006 University of Oregon Agenda
Fall 2005 Special Joint Meeting with Washington AAPT at Clark College in Vancouver Saturday 15.Oct.2005 Agenda
Spring 2005 Saturday 12.March.2005 Mt. Hood Community College Agenda
Fall 2004 Saturday 16.October.2004 Pacific University Agenda
Spring 2004 Saturday 13.March.2004 Corvallis High School Agenda
Fall 2003 Saturday 18.October.2003 Vernier Software and Technology Agenda
Spring 2003 Saturday 8.March.2003 Oregon Graduate Institute Agenda
Fall 2002 Saturday 19.October.2002 Willamette University Agenda
Spring 2002 Saturday 9.March.2002 Portland State University Agenda
Fall 2001 Saturday 20.October.2001 Lane Community College Agenda

Links to historical meeting agendas from 1931-1949 will be uploaded in the future

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