Welcome to the Oregon Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers (ORAAPT)

Next Meeting:

  • Saturday Oct 20, 2018 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. Meeting Starts at 8:30am. Check back for directions and meeting info.
  • CALL FOR PAPERS: If you would like to present or host a workshop (or have questions), please email the VP, Leif Eccles
  • Presentations: short talks (15-20 min) or long talks (45-50 min) welcome.
  • Workshops: short workshops (1 hr) or long workshops (2 hrs) welcome.
  • Topics should be relevant to the art of teaching and of interest to physics teachers at all levels.

General Announcements:

  • We are in the process of creating a new website for ORAAPT. It is under construction but your feedback is important to us: New Website
  • If you would like to receive ORAAPT announcements by email please contact the Secretary, Fran Poodry

Who we are:

Since 1931, the Oregon Association of Physics Teachers has met regularly to bring together a state-wide (and beyond) community of physics teachers at all levels. Meetings typically include contributed and invited talks, a demonstration show, and workshops. These are aimed at providing useful tools and information to practicing physics educators. We also contribute to the national organization, such as with our participation in the summer 2010 national AAPT meeting held in Portland, Oregon.

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